Welcome to our association serving the air, ocean and ground transport industry.  We provide a connection to network and share information within the cargo transportation industry.

The Air Cargo Association of Hawaii is a non-profit organization represented by airlines, freight forwarders, customs brokers, trucking firms, ocean transport, cargo handling services and cargo related industries.


Our mission is to promote the exchange of common ideas, information and resources for cargo transportation in and out of Hawaii.


 Our members have an opportunity to participate in monthly luncheon meetings which offer speakers that promote discussions and educational programs relating to the cargo transportation industry and related fields.


Wednesday, October 11, 2017











 Group Photo of Officers and Board Members






2017 Officers


Fred Spencer - President

Tom Ingram- 1st Vice President

Jeannie Yukitomo- 2nd Vice President

Brian Suzuki- Treasurer

Brendan Akamu- Secretary

Chris Villanueva - Sargent of Arms





2017 Board Members


Lori Fujimori

Lynette Kawaoka

Jimmy Sy

Ed Cabael

Chad Harada

Marcus Miura










2018 Membership Appliction


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